SKYTTENS complete dog food

SKYTTENS complete dog food has the pleasure to introduce our feed program:

– All our complete food products for dogs or cats are based on CHICKEN and FISH and do not contain soya-bean protein or any artifical additives.

– SKYTTENS complete food products are not “common” food. They are composed of easily digestable råw materials of very high quality and in correct balanced amounts.

This means that

– Products from SKYTTENS has the correct balance between the different ingredients in a certain food. This ensures that the dog receives a complete and balanced diet.

– Products from SKYTTENS are readily absorbed and are therefore highly nutritious.

– SKYTTENS products SPECIAL, SOECLA, and ARKTIS contain a very special oil mixture with the very important omega 3 and omega 6 sebacic acids, producing a shiny glossy coat and at the same time helping to prevent dryness.

– SKYTTENS complete food products are produced in Denmark and comply with all requirements for high quality food.

– SKYTTENS CONTINOUS-QUALITY-ASSURANCE-PROGRAM ensures uniformity in all products.